Notice to all Registered Aliens re: Annual Report (AR) 2016

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Date Posted: 10 Feb 2016

Pursuant to Immigration Operations Order No. SBM-2015-041, Annual Report 2016 Guidelines, all registered foreign nationals shall, within the first sixty (60) days of every academic year, report in person to the Bureau of Immigration (BI) main office at Intramuros, Manila, or to the nearest participating BI offices. The Annual Report 2016 shall be held from 04 January to 03 March 2016.

A foreign national may be exempted from personal appearance, provided, the foreign national:

  • personally appeared in the AR 2014/2015 with an accomplished AR form;
  • settle the payment of P500 express lane fee for non-appearance;
  • furnish a Special Power of Attorney (SPA) with valid government-issued ID of legal representative;
  • present a valid passport; and
  • furnish an undertaking to fulfil obligations

To lodge the AR the reportee shall present; (i) original ACR I-card and (ii) confirmation number issued via AR 2016 online system (for foreign nationals who failed to accomplish AR 2014 form and AR 2015 online form).

Failure to comply may result in imposition of administrative fine and/or imprisonment at the option of the Commissioner of the Immigration.

For more information regarding this,  you may contact at or call 02)224-1833. 

Source: Kittelson and Carpo Consulting

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