Membership Categories

Membership Categories

Corporate are companies that have commercial and representative relations or wish to establish business relations between the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand. In this classification, member companies shall be represented by a duly accredited individual.

All applicants are automatically Corporate members unless they fall within the definition of Associate membership.

Associate members are subsidiaries or affiliates of corporate members or non-profit organizations

Provincial membership  is available  to firms  and  individuals  who are Philippine  residents  but  are  based in  provinces  more  than  100 km from  Manila.

Non-Resident membership is available to firms and  individuals who are resident outside the Philippines. This non-resident membership is granted by the Board of Directors when the applicant can demonstrate that its business and place of residence is not within the Philippines.

Individual * membership is available to individuals who wish to be members of the Chamber but are not directly affiliated with any company or not in the position to become the designated corporate member of their respective firms.

*Membership and corresponding benefits are non-transferable

Professionals Under 35 membership is available to  individuals from 18 to 35 years of age who wish to create and develop potential business or cultural  relations with Australian  and  New Zealand  companies.

Retiree members are individuals who have retired from employment and are unemployed during the time of membership.