JFC meets with DBM chief Butch Abad

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Date: 05 Jun 2015




Action points in the JFC meeting with DBM Sec. Butch Abad on June 4, 2015:

  • Discuss with the sponsors of the DICT bill the DBM idea of transferring transportation and communications functions of DOTC to DPWH and DICT (all communications offices under it), respectively.
  • The JFC to meet with MMDA to discuss possible location/ways of providing feeder link to port of Manila from NLEx-SLEx link elevated expressway.
  • Julian Payne to discuss with/communicate to the Supreme Court Justice through Judicial Reform Initiative DBM’s stand on decentralizing budget spending of courts and judicial offices as a condition for increasing judicial sector budget
  • DBM and Integrity Initiative Secretariat to continue discussing ways to incorporate Integrity Pledge as a qualification for government procurement transactions/bidding; DBM ED for Operations to send draft of one paragraph on integrity pledge in the PHILGEPS bidder’s qualifications

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