BOC revenue growth streak continues

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Date: 20 Jun 2014

BOC revenue growth streak continues

Total revenues collected by the Bureau of Customs (BOC) continued to grow at double-digit levels, expanding 11% in May 2014 to reach P28.81-Billion, but 18% less than the goal of P35.09-Billion for the month, on the back of lower volume of importation.

Volume of imports dropped 6.9% in May versus the same month last year, dragged down by reduced importation of crude oil and oil products; alcohol products; computers; electronic devices; industrial machinery; mineral products; as well as paper and pharmaceutical products. However, despite sluggish importation, cash collections from BOC operations reached P28.53-Billion in May, up 10% year-on-year, as the average value declared by importers grew 24%, resulting to a 15.54% rise in valuation and 12.4% hike in the amount of duties and taxes paid.

“Looking beyond the revenue target, our collection efficiency is improving as we enhance our reference valuation figures and improve enforcement of customs policies and procedures, surveillance and apprehension of smuggled goods. As we sustain process improvements, equip our people with better ICT tools and continue plugging sources of revenue leaks, we expect collections to become better,” said Customs Commissioner John P. Sevilla.

From January to May 2014, revenues were up by 20% year-on-year to P146.07-Billion, while total import volume reached 28-Billion kilograms, up 4.37% year-on-year.

Based on the report of the Bureau of the Treasury, the Ports of Subic, Cebu and Davao showed positive revenue traction, tracking increased economic activity in these areas. In May 2014, revenue collections from Subic grew 45% to P1.072-Billion; while that of Cebu and Davao totaled P1.16-Billion and P836-Million, respectively.

For June, the BOC is programmed to collect P33.29-Billion by the inter-agency Development Budget Coordination Committee (DBCC).


Revenue collections of the Bureau of Customs:

  2014 Actual 2013 Actual 2014 Target
May P28.809-Billion P25.925-Billion P35.087-Billion
January-May P146.074-Billion P121.879-Billion P165.657-Billion


PER PORT May 2014 January-May 2014
  Actual Target Actual Target
San Fernando P180.5-M P290.2-M P805.6-M P973.1-M
Batangas P6.178-B P6.433-B P30.686-B P30.609-B
Legaspi P600,000 P25.2-M P40.1-M P120.3-M
Subic P1.072-B P737.6-M P5.024-B P2.789-B
Clark P84.5-M P136.4-M P278.1-M P515.8-M
Aparri P6.1-M P27.4-M P188.4-M P103.7-M
Limay P2.335-B P3.561-B P13.904-B P14.093-B
Port of Manila P5.74-B P7.361-B P26.791-B P35.195-B
Manila International Container Port P8.156-B P9.976-B P39.8-B P47.7-B
Ninoy Aquino International Airport P2.126-B P3.071-B P11.18-B P14.682-B
Iloilo P47.5-M P72.7-M P386.4-M P347.7-M
Cebu P1.159-B P1.077-B P5.45-B P5.148-B
Tacloban P11.9-M P30.6-M P63.6-M P146.4-M
Surigao P500,000 P8-M P2.6-M P16.7-M
Cagayan de Oro P634.8-M P679.7-M P3.303-B P3.25-B
Zamboanga P1.5-M P5-M P16.2-M P23.8-M
Davao P835.9-M P662.3-M P3.462-B P3.167-B

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