BIR to importers, brokers: Apply for clearance certificate now

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Date Posted: 24 Jul 2014

As the July 31 Customs accreditation deadline draws near, only 3 of 4 importers and brokers have applied for the clearance certificate from the BIR.

As the July 31 deadline approaches, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) urged importers and brokers to apply for the required clearance certificate from the agency.

The clearance certificate from BIR is needed before importers and brokers can apply for Bureau of Customs (BOC) accreditation.

But to date, only 3 of 4 importers and brokers have applied for the clearance certificate, the Department of Finance said in its tax watch ad released Wednesday, July 23.

Currently, there are 14,995 registered active importers and brokers while there are 11,511 applicants for importer/broker clearance certificate from BIR. There are 5,575 applicants for renewal of BOC accreditation.

From July 1 to 18, BIR received an average of 145 applications a day while BOC received 173 applications for renewal of accreditation.

If all importers and brokers would meet the July 31 deadline, the BIR expects to receive an average of 436 applications and BOC 1178 applications in the next 5 working days.

No extension

Brokers and importers will no longer be able to transact with the BOC if they fail to meet the accreditation deadline on July 31, the agency warned on July 17.

The deadline had been postponed from June 30 and “will no longer be extended,” Customs Commissioner John Sevilla previously said.

The tax watch ad also includes the list of accreditation requirements for both importers and brokers:

“The privilege of importation should only be availed by legitimate traders and brokers. A progressive Philippine economy needs a comprehensive database for faster transactions and efficient government services,” the tax watch ad stressed. –



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