Australian Oranges Now in Season

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Date Posted: 04 Aug 2014

“Australian oranges have long enjoyed a reputation for being the sweetest in the world. And very importantly, Australian farms are known for being pollution-free with high standards of food safety. We are proud of our Australian oranges, which are ‘sweet, safe, and healthy’,” explained ambassador Tweddell. “We are happy to collaborate with Citrus Australia in introducing the world’s sweetest oranges to the Philippines. This is also the best time to do so during Australian Winter, when Australian oranges are in season.”

 Sweet and juicy Australian oranges

Citrus Australia’s general manager of market development Andrew Harty explained why Australian oranges are of superior quality. “Australian oranges are very tasty because of the farming practices we have followed for many generations, the varietals Australian farmers grow, and because Australia is blessed with climatic and soil attributes ideal for growing the world’s best oranges.”

Ambassador Tweddell and Harty were joined by Citrus Australia’s market access manager David Daniels and AusTrade senior trade commissioner Anthony Weymouth in the launch. We got to sample a variety of food and drinks that used fresh Australian oranges as key ingredient. My favorite, however, was the simplest—freshly squeezed orange juice via the same machine you see in groceries nowadays. Simple, sweet, and delicious juice that made me forget how warm and tiring it was that day.

Daniels also shared with us the food safety reputation of Australian oranges. “Every batch of oranges is tracked from the farm to the packing house, and then on the ship during its voyage to the Philippines.  In this way, every box of Australian oranges purchased can be traced back to the farm they were grown. Also, Australian packing houses send samples of oranges to laboratories for testing to ensure food safety.”

Australian Trade Commission's Anthony Weymouth, Citrus Australia's David Daniels, Australia ambassador Bill Twedell and Citrus Australia's Andrew Harty at the launch of Citrus Australia

“There is a strong demand from Filipino consumers for fresh, tasty ingredients that is safe and healthy, and this is helping drive demand for fresh Australian citrus products,” Weymouth explained.  “Filipinos are also looking for great value. The ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Agreement (AANZFTA) enables most temperate fruits from Australia such as oranges to enter the Philippines tariff-free (zero percent), so Filipino consumers can enjoy affordable, fresh products without comprising food safety,” he added.

“Australian Oranges-Now in Season” includes a month-long retail promotion by Citrus Australia and the Australian Embassy covering key groceries and supermarkets in Metro Manila. It will run from August to September. Shoppers and their families can enjoy the sweet, safe, and healthy freshness of Australian oranges through sampling activities every weekend in Metro Manila branches of Robinson’s Supermarket, Rustan’s Fresh, Rustan’s Supermarket, and Shopwise.

Written by: Marbee Go


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