Sectoral Committees

ANZCHAM Sectoral Committees

Membership & Sponsorships

Governor: Chris Ward

The Membership Committee facilitates membership recruitment, retention and development of services ANZCHAM members.

Education, Training & Labour


The Education Committee provides a venue for the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand for educational, vocational and training organizations and practitioners to enhance links between the three countries. It serves as a coordinating body that promotes educational and training opportunities and supports programs and activities related to skills and human resource requirements of the three countries. It also promotes opportunities for transnational education.

Business Investment, Issues & Trade Committee (BIITC)

Governor: Chris Ward

The Business Investment, Issues & Trade Committee promotes doing business in the Philippines, and seek for members to understand free trade agreements (FTAs) to explore new trade and investment opportunities.  The committee also supports members in raising concerns and business related issues and regulations for discussion and policy reforms.

Resources Development Committee

Governor: Atty. Dicky Salazar
Chairman (Mining): Geoff Boswell
Co-chairman (Oil & Gas): Keith Schulstad

The Resources Development Committee is one of the largest committees of the Chamber with over 70 members. It focuses on how the Chamber may be able to support the industry particularly for those mining companies interested in the Philippines. It provides advice to prospective investors, communities and other parties on issues concerning doing business in the Philippines and it also promotes mining-related courses to students through scholarships.


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BPO & IT Services

Governor: Daniel Alexander

Director: Berin Dearberg

The committee supports Australian, New Zealand and Filipino stakeholders including service providers, clients and partners in the BPO, captive and shared services industry. It promotes dialogue among the stakeholders, advocating issues relating to the industry,and ultimately supporting the development of the Philippines BPO & IT services sectors for Australia and New Zealand. The committee also cooperates with government stakeholders particularly the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA) and the Board of Investments (BOI) in the Philippines.

Infrastructure Committee

Governor: James Young

The Infrastructure Committee is composed of members in Engineering, Construction, and Consultancy Industries. Its main objective is to provide a means to represent related industries through ANZCHAM and government in addressing common issues between the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand, and to provide industry specific networking, presentations and business related opportunities through regular monthly meetings.


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Young Professionals (YP) Initiative


Women in Business Committee

Governor: Imee Vilches

Chairman: Rosanne Suarez


* Committee includes Secretariat and Committee Chair