Chambers’ Goals:

To be a highly effective, efficient and supportive organization for our members that promotes business relationships between Asia, New Zealand, and the Philippines.

We will do this on behalf of members by:

  • Cooperating with and making representations to the Governments of the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand and other organizations in the three countries to promote trade, investment and commercial relations;
  • Promoting trade, investment and commercial relations;
  • Promoting relations between the people of Australia, New Zealand and the Philippines which would enhance business linkages;
  • Providing advocacy and other support for Members in respect of specific business, trade or investment issues in the Philippines either directly or through other business organizations;
  • Collecting, collating and disseminating relevant information relating to business, commerce and industry between the three countries.
  • Providing the means for the exchange of ideas concerning commerce and industry between the Philippines, Australia and New Zealand;
  • Providing opportunities for networking between Australians, New Zealanders and Filipinos which can lead to increased business;
  • Promoting rules, regulations, usages, taxation regimes and practices of trade and investment which facilitate business operations between the three countries;
  • Establishing linkages and partnerships with Chambers of Commerce/Industry and other public and/or private bodies in the Philippines, in Australia, in New Zealand and the region which can enhance commercial linkages;
  • Ensuring to the best of our ability that our activities represent best practice in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility and that at all times we remain a non-political entity and shall not support any political or trade union/organization.